SensorSweep camera sensor cleaner has been updated – 2015 version is now shipping

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Just a note to tell everyone the wonderful sensor cleaning tool, the SensorSweep – has been updated to a 2015 model.

The newest version of the SensorSweep now has a black cleaning tip and the body is an anti-static paper based tube.

It works even better and is designed for the newest mirrorless cameras and cameras with no AA filter. The newest
SensorSweep is also aimed at grabbing the oil “sputtering” that happens with certain cameras onto the sensor.

The SensorSweep is still the safest, easiest, and quickest way to clean your sensor imho. One of the top people, (highly scientific mind) in the industry that deals with sensors day in and day out was speaking to me on the phone and he said the SensorSweep was the second best tool he had ever seen to clean the sensors. The best tool is quite dangerous for the general public to use, and he even stated he would not like to use it himself. That leaves us in first place folks!!!

I will be making a new video on Youtube on the 2015 version of the SensorSweep. All SensorSweep orders going out from here ARE the 2015 model. You can buy them on my main web site at under Sensor Cleaners –


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