Fiddling with the brand spanking new ColorRight Max!

Playing around with the new ColorRight Max high end professional level color balancing tool. My nephew came by for an hour or so and I put him to work posing for me 🙂 We has a fun time though and it was all good.


The ColorRight Max has 4 levels of white balance abilities. After experiencing what this can do, I would never want to be without it. His face is very white like he shuns the Miami sunlight as if it were a poison – lol. This is a picture using the Neutral mode (no white balance disk in the slot) of the ColorRight Max. It delivered better accurate colors than any white balance tool I have ever used. It looks like a steel cold totally neutral color response from the camera:


An again in this next shot by the swimming pool, the camera was white balanced with the ColorRight Max in neutral mode. The skin color and shirt colors are so accurate, it looks like the image can go straight to printing:


Since his skin color is so darn pale (they call it the new tan – lol), I knew I needed a warm or “portrait” version of a white balancing tool. Almost all white balancing tools give you a choice of purchasing a neutral version or a warmer “portrait version of the tool, but the ColorRight Max is different and does not pin you into buying both a neutral and a portrait version of their white balance tool.


The ColorRight Max comes with a set of white balance disks you can insert into a built in slot on the tool. If you put in no white balance disk, you get a very accurate neutral color balance. Then you can choose between 2 different “warming” or portrait disks for your warmer toned images. It’s a breath of fresh air not to spent big bucks on a white balance tool and not be locked into just one level of warmer portrait type of tones. The ColorRight Max comes with 2 portrait white balance disks. One a little weaker than standard portrait warmth, and another white balance disk a little stronger than standard portrait warmth. Wow – a choice – how original!

These next shots were taken using portrait disk number 2. It give just a little extra touch of warmth to make the skin look very pleasant:



And just to show you what portrait level 1 white balance disk would have produced, here is a shot with Portrait 1 inserted into the slot and the camera white balance using that disk. The skin looks a little cooler compared to the Portrait 2 disk used in the previous shots. All this with just one white balance tool – pretty amazing huh:




Normally we would be done now if I only had my normal white balance tools on hand. I would have shot with the warmer portrait version and called it a day. But the ColorRight Max has even more tricks up it’s sleave. the ColorRight Max also has a creative warming disk that turns regular sunlight into that 5 o:clock golden hour sunlight even in the middle of a bright day!

Of course i could not wait to try that white balance disk in the ColorRight Max. So I slid the Portrait Disk 3 into the slot and color balance my camera with it and took some shots to see what this white balance disk was all about. WOW – what an awesome tool to have at my disposal. Just look at these shots, they look like the sun was setting and the sky had it’s lusturous golden glow bathing us in that rich sunset lighting. but it was really 2 in the afternoon!


I was liking this so much, I had to sneak in a few extra shots!


The bottom line is for me, there is no other white balance tool that can do all that the ColorRight Max can do. Rather than having to buy multiple tools to get good color balance, there is now just one tool that will do Neutral Color Accurate white balance, Portrait Level 1 white balance, Portrait Level 2 white balance and also has a super warm level 3 creative white balance ability too. All 4 white balance looks in just 1 tool. This new ColorRight Max is a real keeper!

You can purchase the ColorRight MAX here – $169.99  $119.99 Special Offer

Here is a video on the ColorRight Max: YOUTUBE VIDEO:


by Peter Gregg

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Patrick - Native Images Digital Photography - Peter - I have just one professional comment about the CR Max = "Pure Light"! God Bless and your team. You have kicked my photography up 10 notches!! Patrick Lyons - new proud owner of CR Max

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