Custom White Balance isn’t hard to do at all – here, you can watch as I do it –

Most of the time I use Auto White Balance. If I have the time I will use Custom White Balance, but because i shoot RAW for my still photography it isn’t all that important.


Video is different though. Almost all video is shot as a long string of JPG files and getting it “right” in the camera suddenly becomes mush much more important! It will make a huge difference between just “okay” video and really outstanding video.


Here is a little video where I talk and show how easy it really is to do a Custom White Balance:



You can find links to stuff I mention in my videos all listed here for you:

Peter Gregg’s YouTube Channel where his other YouTube videos are:

by Peter Gregg

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Jerry Hill - Your tutorials are sensational and so clearly delivered that anyone including a novice camera enthusiast such as me should be able to retain all of your instructions. I look forward to attending any workshops that you might host in the South Florida area in the near future. I have been having fun shooting with the Nikon D3100 for the last two years and plan to treat myself to the Nikon 800E soon. Your enthusiasm about this camera has made my decision to purchase a full frame for exceptional pictures using the proper lens and glass. I plan to purchase your lighting aids for bouncing the light and also setting the white balance. Thank you so much for all your encouragement through your instruction. Jerry Hill from Pompano Beach

Sam Horton - I would like to know what it takes to become a photographer. My name is Sam and I am really interested in fashion photography. I am 14 and live in a small town in East Texas. My school doesn't have a lot of choices for a career, so right now I'm in a health class because that's about all we have, besides agriculture, for a career. So if you could email me that would be wonderful. I need the information for a project and I really want to know. I would like to know the average pay and what the best colleges are. Where can I possibly get the best job and in what state. All the information along those lines. So if you could get back to me, that would be great. If you can't that's okay, I can find someone else who can answer them. Hope to hear from you soon, by the way i only have about 5 weeks left to get this project done so if you could hurry or let me know that you can't early on so I have time for a back up plan, that would be great, thank you.

Peter Gregg - Photography is a fun career. Look to your local college or state university as a start!

Ron Reed - Hi Peter. Enjoyed you video on the Canon Sx 50, then viewed the one on the comparison to the Fuji S1

Phil Archer - Peter, I capture video of our church services and put the message on our YouTube channel. I use your White Balance tool every Sunday. I color correct and match the camera angles in Final Cut Pro. The videos look good on the iMac, but the skin turns red when it is uploaded to YouTube. Your videos look great. I am sharing the videos in the Pro Res Rec 709 color space. Can you give me any advice on getting the skin to look better on YouTube. Thanks a bunch

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